10 Extraordinary Ways to Turn Customer into Income for Your Business

How to Become a Customer Insight Machine

Regardless of where you are on the path to becoming a customer insight machine, there are practical steps you can take now to accelerate the journey.

Make customers a strategy: Instead of just viewing customers as an audience, make them a strategy. Turn your marketing strategy into a customer strategy with VoC at its core.

Get up close and personal: Each quarter, spend a day traveling with one of your salespeople as they meet with customers or at a call center as agents interact with customers. Encourage your team members to do the same.

Listen and learn: Continually monitor and collect insight from across all your key constituencies. Invite employees to share ideas for improving the customer experience. Analyze the digital data trail from your customers’ online and mobile interactions.

Share insights broadly: Aggregate and share customer feedback throughout your organization, not just the executive staff.

Provide a daily dosage of insight: Start each meeting with a review of the newly learned customer (and employee) insight.

Eat your own dog food: Ensure your employees are using your company’s products and services, if possible.

Empower decisions: Empower your employees to bend the rules on occasion when it is clearly in the best interest of the customer.

Understand your customer’s journey: Map your customer’s end-to-end journey to not only understand and better synchronize every touchpoint of the experience but also to identify any gaps. Do this as a joint exercise with sales, support services, operations, product development, corporate strategy, finance, IT, and others.

Be the change: Use customer-friendly language on your website and in all your sales and marketing pieces. Model the behavior, and recognize others when they do too.

Take (focused) action: Not all feedback you receive is actionable or aligned with your company’s core purpose. Develop a systemic way of filtering the insight you receive and then take swift action on those that fit with your organization’s strategy.


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