11 Strategies Businesses Can Implement to be Saved from The Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Never before in our lifetime have we seen anything like this… And it’s not over yet. COVID-19 is a grim business and is undeniably having an effect on all trades.

So the question then becomes… Should it stop you from marketing your business?

No corporation wants to be or come off unprincipled. (unless they are price gouging) This isn’t business, entrepreneurship or marketing. I extremely recommend that you avoid manipulating the Coronavirus circumstances to make a quick dollar.

Not only is it awful but it’s also short-term thinking. Sure you may be able to make a few dollars, but it won’t last… you are better off spending your time focusing on the long term.

The truth is that companies, brands, and creators of all backgrounds can make a progressive difference during this time. Being reasonably and genuinely helpful in a time like this can have a lasting effect on your future customer.

Genuineness is now more significant than ever during this outbreak

With personal connections and physical proximity being decreased, individuals will turn to the internet more than ever for reliable sources of info and meaningful digital content experiences.

It’s worth thinking about what role your company will play. If you’re the company’s going through deep-seated changes, these steps can help you decode your concern to action.

Repurpose your Marketing Communication to Avoid Looking Greedy

Trying to make a marketing opportunity for your business out of this is risky. I highly encourage you to guard your business against looking like a jerk in this time of need.

Building Hope through Trustworthy and Philanthropic Content

Marketing is fundamentally a long game, fixated on primarily building relationships. Presently, the best way to chase this goal is through truthfulness and altruism, in the context of your industry and audience.

Focus on Connection

The easiest thing your company can do is place an importance on being available and quick to respond via social media, email, and other digital channels. But you also might want to contemplate finding ways to duplicate the vibrant of personal interactions online. For example:

  • Webinars & Live-Streaming
  • Virtual Networking Events

Reconsideration your Email Campaigns

Email is still the one digital marketing tactic that enters the same inbox where your customers also get messages from their moms, bad jokes from their siblings, bill payment reminders and other notifications.

Now more than ever, that same inbox is their lifeline to the outside world. Social media is a connector, but email is the first thing most folks check when they wake up right after.

In addition, opportunities may divulge themselves either through statistics or customer behavior, like marketing strategies that encourage gift card purchases from local businesses that will lose foot traffic.

A few added online marketing tips for your business consist of:

  • Stay in close communication with your consumers. Learn what you can do to better support them, expect changes and offer assets.
  • Make sure your company's digital channels are up to date including website, blog, social network profiles, and Google My Business listings, etc.
  • Pledge to video – translate marketing message actions to video and if you have live video access on LinkedIn for execs or your business – start using it now.
  • Enhance your digital channels: Rejuvenate SEO, social, online advertising and influencer marketing efforts. Recognize what is working and move resources and budget as applicable.
  • Support efforts and marketing communications to support your community, employees, and consumers affected through the supply of resources, technology or knowledge.
  • Businesses focused on being the best answer for their consumers are agile and understand the prominence of being receptive to changes, even as large as the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is no playbook for what businesses should do right now. Every being, family, and business is walking into a new world. Most of America is working at the kitchen table. Get in touch with your feeling of isolation. 

Use it to empower your compassion and update your marketing. Zone in on other people’s needs. Don’t stop being a business owner, but also let yourself be human.

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