3 Online Marketing Methods That Attract New Customers For FREE

When you first started you thought… If you build it they will come. Well, you’ve built it and yet nobody knows you exist.

This is a serious problem now. And it’s called LEAD MAGNETS!!!

People love free shit. (excuses my language but it's true) Even you do. And if you don’t, someone in your family does.

My point is this. The easiest and quickest way to attract new customers is to give them something FREE!

Now I get it, no business owner wants to give away the profits. But you don’t have too. Here I am going to share with you 3 lead magnets that you can give away for FREE that won’t cost you a thing!

Keep in mind, these lead magnets are designed to get a customer’s name, phone number, and email. Now you have a database of customers who are interested in your industry and now know you exist. (wink wink)

Troubleshooting guides

Troubleshooting guides speak to the pain many content seekers are looking to eliminate. They want to solve a problem, which is exactly what a successful troubleshooting guide will do.

Productivity tips

People want to do faster and are always on the lookout for tools, technology, or tips to help them get more done. Productivity tips are the bread and butter of many online blogs.

Beginner guides

Before you can convince someone that you know the advanced stuff, start with 101 beginner guides.

[BONUS] Ultimate guides

Subject matter experts, on the other hand, are always seeking out the most credible ultimate guides for their areas of expertise.

The term “ultimate guide,” however, is a bit overused. You can use some alternate terms if you want, such as these from Business Casual Copywriting:

             Essential Guide

             Complete Guide

             Uncensored Guide

             The last Guide to ____ You’ll Ever Need

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