3 Quick Ways To Get Media Coverage For Your Brand

What business doesn’t want a high-profile news feature? While a segment on CNBC can alter a brand overnight, it’s easy to oversee how much work goes into pitching presses to earn high-profile attention. 

Even if you’ve pitched your business in the past, the pandemic has changed how media cover stories. You need to think about pitching in a very detailed way that makes it as simple as possible for a reporter to cover your story or brand.

The more research they have to do to cover you, the less probable they are to feature your story. 

Pitching media is still a must-have for 2021, but you need to follow these tips to raise your chances of scoring a desired press feature. 

Share interesting information

Presses receive dozens of pitches every single day. More than half of these pitches end up being promotion-laden junk that finds its way to the trash folder. 

If you’re taking the time to pitch, make sure you’re sharing something extraordinary. Is there something historic about what you’re doing? Or is there a distinctive or unusual angle to the circumstances? 

Keep your pitch short and skimmable.

The stats don’t lie: 94% of reporters want to see pitches that are three short paragraphs, at best. If you can trim it to two or three sentences, that’s even better. 

Media is busy and runs on constricted deadlines; if your email is short and easy to skim, they’re more likely to pay attention. Add bullet points to break up the text if necessary. 

Include as much as possible in your pitch email.

It’s hard writing a short pitch that covers a lot of detail, but that’s what you are going to need to do. The media doesn’t have the time to interview every source for their stories — more frequently than not, a quote via email will work just fine.

In Closing

Reporters are people who are working on tight deadlines. Make it as laid-back as possible for them to write a story about your business and you’ll see a surge in media coverage.

Minimalize the reporter’s load by doing most of the research before you even send a pitch email — these three smart tips will help you enjoy more time in the public eye and forge better bonds with media specialists.

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