4 Horrifying Reason Why Your Digital Marketing Is Not Working

Your marketing is your one and only shot to win the emotions and minds of your customers and the faster you can turn those eyeballs into leads, and those leads into customers, the faster you’ll gain market share and leave your rivals in your dirt.

Secret #1: Inquisitiveness

Great marketing and advertising interest prospects and pique their curiosity. Give it some thought, it doesn’t matter how excessive your sales offer is, in order to get a leads to transform into customers, you first need to have their attention. Most marketers fail at this miserably, which is why most marketing strategies and ads are nothing more than a bunch of noise clogging up your timeline and website, mobile apps or Spotify playlists.

“Bad marketing leaves no gaps and have no anomalies.”

When you can create an open loop or a gap with your marketing, your prospect will be logically driven to close that gap… When everything about your offer is stated plainly, where there are no questions lingering in the mind of your customer. You are in trouble…

So, it’s not what you INCLUDE that makes for great marketing and advertising. It’s what you strategically leave out – the wisely crafted gaps and anomalies.

Secret #2: Simplicity

Confusion is the main conversion killer of them all!

You want your prospects to subconsciously say “Oh this is for me…”

While piquing interest is vital in marketing, you don’t want to cause any sort of misunderstanding in your prospect’s mind. Just visualize all the things you could write in an ad that would make people go “wait, what?!”

Secret 3: CTA (Call To Action)

Yes, your marketing and advertising need to TELL your prospect what you want them to do next with ONE CLEAR AND SUCCINCT call-to-action. You should only be asking your prospect to do one thing – and that’s to click, or sign up or buy. Not share, comment, like, or watch!

Secret #4: Similarity

This is extremely important in ad writing and with marketing copy, yet it’s frequently one of the major blind spots in companies, particularly if the marketing team is different than the in house team.

Traffic and conversion are not equally exclusive. There must be a congruence and an overlay between your ad, marketing, and your sales offer, both in terms of messaging and branding.

If your sales offer does not meet the beliefs of your prospects based on the marketing they just saw, they will feel taken by surprise and deceived and you’ve likely lost your chance at ever turning that prospect into a customer.

One thing to keep in the front of your marketing mind is; online purchasers are becoming more and more careful of clickbait and intolerant of unreliable marketing messaging.

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