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4 Marketing Steps To Take After Weeks Of No Sales


What is one of the most agonizing aspects of the business? I hear a lot of business owners saying the inability to nail a profitable business model with proven revenue streams as the main reason.

And I get it… struggling to get sales, is beyond frustrating!!! But it doesn’t have to be.

You need to find out where your target audience is actively contributing because if you’re not reaching the right people, then you’re not meeting your business goals.

Are you ready to be triumphant in growing your business?? Then follow these 4 simple steps.  

  1. Build Your Audience

My main regret for my most fruitful eCommerce store was stopping the blog after the sales started flooding in. Three years later, blog posts I wrote in those first couples of months are still bringing in traffic to my store even though I haven’t touched it in a while.

When it comes to constructing blog content, start where you are. Go after industry niche keywords that have up to 200 to 5,000 searches a month. Then after a couple of months, go after niche keywords with up to 15,000 monthly searches. And keep increasing the size of the keywords as you get better. And after four to six months, update your old blog content to keep your website relevant.

After a few years of doing this, you’ll own your niche and your blog will be reaching the best numbers it ever has. And your business won’t just be a store. It’ll be a go-to stop for every person in your industry.

The point that I want to highlight is don’t build a store just to make passive income, build a store to craft an asset. Think long-term.

  1. Send The Right Traffic

When most folks talk about how they spent money and ended up with a big fat donut in sales, they’re typically talking about Facebook Ads.

Nonetheless, Facebook doesn’t know who your target customers are unless you tell them.

There are some digital marketing tricks to help you send significant traffic to your website or store so that Facebook Ads can become more effective at converting the sale.

  1. Join Pinterest Group Boards

To find group boards that you can join, you can use a tool like Pin Groupie. Keep in mind that you’ll get a ton of denials when applying for group boards. And by denials what I really mean is silence. There will be a ton of folks who will never get back to you. But every now and then, your hard work will pay off and your request will be accepted into group boards.

When I apply for group boards, I normally email the individual by clicking the link in their Pinterest account. I’ll send a note to let them know why I’d like to join their group and how I’ll be a team player by repinning the posts of others of the group (and I actually do that and you should too).

  1. Make Sure Your Website Is Updated and Professional

Be truthful, if you asked a marketing expert to look at your business right now, would they think it was professional?

On numerous occasions, I’ve studied online stores only to find stores with neon blue backgrounds or pink fonts.

There’s a real reason why most professional websites have black fonts, white backgrounds, and professional photos instead of selfies. It converts better.

When you look at your competitors, try to make your store design look like theirs while maintaining your own branding.

Getting pleasing results for your business doesn't happen overnight. You’ll also want to be aware of which social networks or websites offer targeting capabilities in case you want to reach specific subsets of your audience.

It does require a lot of time and effort but we can help. Save yourself massive amounts of time and worry by contacting us to take care of you.


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