4 Powerful Small Business Trends You Must Follow in 2021

While I am sure there are many who can't wait to say deuces to 2020, there's no doubt the pandemic and the ways industries had to alter to ensure their existence changed the course of what 2021 will look like and what companies should do to get prepared for the upcoming year.

As a creative thinker, I help businesses understand the latest marketing developments and technologies and offer leadership on how to prepare their brand for them. Here are the top 4 business trends that will drive every industry in 2021. I believe every small business around the world needs to be ready for what’s coming.

5G and superior connectivity

Faster and more dependable internet doesn't just mean we can load websites faster and spend less time waiting for videos to play on Youtube. Each consecutive advance in mobile connectivity from 3G forward has unlocked new use circumstances for the internet. 3G made web browsing and data-driven services beneficial on mobile, 4G led to the development of streaming video and music platforms as bandwidths improved, and 5G, similarly, will open more doors in terms of what is imaginable.

In short, 5G and other progressive, high-speed digital networks make all of the other business trends we discuss here accessible anywhere, any time.

Data as an Advantage

Over the last two to five years, information volumes have grown enormously. The companies that leveraged this information to better comprehend their customers and to develop their decision-making are obviously the ones that are outdoing everyone else. Cloud solutions let us to access information from anywhere. Industries need to safeguard and secure information just as they would any other asset.


Another top trend in 2021 will most definitely be automation. Companies will assess their business procedures to see where they can take folks out of the process when they aren't adding any real value. There have already been quite a few variations in this direction from warehouses, supply chains, autonomous automobiles, in addition to chatbots that automatically take over customer service questions.

Business Model Revolution

In 2021, every small business owner needs to reflect on what they're offering consumers and how they run as a business. There were lots of trades that were completely altered in 2020, such as the hospitality and events field. The companies that are currently prospering even during a pandemic are those that reacted swiftly to the changes. For instance, restaurants that pivoted to allow expanded delivery and take-out capabilities or Formula 1 corporations that were manufacturing ventilators altered their usual operations to ensure their survival.

This year has been demanding for every person and everything — but with the arrival of the vaccine, there is hopefully some light at the end of the tunnel. With that being said, now is the time when small business owners must stop treading water, and start organizing for what business will look like in the post-Covid future.

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