4 Proven LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Increase Engagement and Clicks

When it comes to LinkedIn… It’s not merely who you know, but who your connections know.

That’s the tangible power of LinkedIn marketing for business: the capability to tap into current connections and grow your business through word-of-mouth.

Some marketers are calling it the top-rated social platform for lead generation. (I wouldn’t go that far but LinkedIn has been slept on heavily!)

Read on to discover how to craft a winning LinkedIn marketing strategy for your business.

#1: Study Winning Content Ideas just for LinkedIn

Before you produce content for LinkedIn, you need to discover topics that will occupy your audience on the digital platform. Here are three sites that can help you gauge interest.

  • Check For Interesting Topics On Quora
  • Contribute to HARO
  • Response to Questions on Reddit

Genius Notes:

The advantage of contributing to Reddit is that it connects you with the subjects that other folks are looking for. The market defines what users like and don’t like, and you have a way of getting the best content for LinkedIn by using this strategy.

#2: Put out Longer Form LinkedIn Posts to Trigger the See More Feature

This method is direct: Compose longer posts with no links outside of LinkedIn (this is key) and no images of any kind. The goal is to get the See More link to pop up at the bottom of your LinkedIn post, encouraging individuals to read your entire piece. This tallies as a click, which conveys to LinkedIn that your content/post is engaging.

#3: Post 6 or More Photos at One Time

This is the optical version of See More, where your LinkedIn post displays five pictures and a “+1,” “+2,” and so on for more photographs to be seen if the consumer clicks. Each click gives LinkedIn more feedback that your content is in fact engaging and pushes the post to more individuals.

#4: Share Actionable PDFs on LinkedIn

Yes, you can post PDFs to LinkedIn from the desktop. On the surface, uploading PDFs to LinkedIn may sound weird but I think it’s presently one of the best-kept LinkedIn marketing secrets. PDFs are click-generating treasure-troves because each page gives the user a fresh piece of content to click on.

LinkedIn is an influential tool for businesses and marketers. Now you can leverage how to build a stronger LinkedIn marketing strategy to control its full potential for your business.

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