6 Online Advertising Opportunities Your Business Is Probably Missing Out On

Social media is evolving very fast and it already drives sales in a major way. If you decide to not jump in the game, well, you’ve already lost.

Here are 6 ways to stay ahead of social media advertising.

Instagram Stories Direct Links

Spread your stories far and wide.

Instagram is rolling out a “Share Link to Entire Story” feature, allowing accounts to share direct links to full stories. In this way, self-contained features like user takeovers or Q&As can live a life beyond Instagram Stories alone. This feature can also be boosted with their “Promote” feature, which allows users to follow a CTA to the account’s website, profile, or Direct Messages.

LinkedIn Ads

Coming soon to a feed near you…ads for movies, products, and more.

Speaking of spreading influence, look for LinkedIn to take advantage of this trend in ways you might not expect.

Reddit Cost-Per-Click Ads

Don’t sleep on Reddit as a home for your ads.

LinkedIn isn’t the only platform looking to rethink their ad strategy.

Facebook Petitions

And you thought Facebook ads was the only way. (It is an excellent one) Bringing people together for a common cause is another.

Twitter Morning News Catchup

Recaps and reviews to catch you up.

Twitter Auto-Response

Make it easy for them to come back for more.

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