7 Pathetic Reasons Why Smart People Don’t Become Successful

For the longest time, I believed that if smart folks worked hard, success would come in the long run.

I looked at other individuals and thought, “Wow, that person’s going to go on to do awesome things.”

But as I grew up with my own experiences, I realized that’s not always the case. A few people I know who are gifted and have a strong work ethic and they are just doing okay...

And most of these people I am speaking about have a college degree!

I then realized that there are a variety of factors that create success. Whether it means having a fulfilling job, having great relationships, or staying healthy. Yes, smarts are part of it, and so is hard work. But there’s more at play than just these two factors it comes to real success.

Here are seven pitiful reasons why you might not be finding achievement even if you’re smart and working hard:

You habitually go after whatever’s sensational at the moment.

One thing you will hear often from high achievers is that they hate wasting time. Clever people are all too mindful of the value of their time, as time and effort spent on one thing mean that they could possibly be missing out on something more serious.

You are opposed to change.

Being in the same atmosphere for a long time makes it extremely hard to adjust to something new. The good news is that change presents a chance for new opportunities and innovation.

You can’t commit to a decision.

Being smart and working hard can open up many doors. Regrettably, having too many options can be as hampering as having fewer choices.

You’re not willing to take calculated risks.

Smart folks often choose the safe route. They might shadow the same path as their peers or choose a job because it’s considered acceptable by their family and friends.

You don’t reach out to new individuals.

It’s easy to stick to folks you’ve known for a long time. The problem with old friends a lot of times, though, is that the same thinking is recycled over and over again, and you don’t get to learn new outlooks outside of your world.

You think you deserve success based on credentials.

Individuals that worked hard in school are used to being at the top and told how much potential they have. But potential doesn’t pay the bills. This seems good at first, but there are some negative side effects.

I once heard that smart people don’t work hard because they don’t THINK they have too.

You don’t believe in yourself.

Shockingly, intelligent people can underestimate their own capabilities. They are their own worst enemy, causing them to believe that they can’t achieve as much as they can.

So instead of letting worries of “what if” or “I’m not good enough” keep you back from something new, think of how you want your life to look like years from now.

Getting started beats waiting for something to happen anytime.

What will you do today to get closer to your success? What are some things that have been holding you back?


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