7 Verified Online Marketing Techniques that Work in Times of Crisis

As if life didn’t come with enough worries already, now we have to grapple with a virus and economic suffering?

Where are we supposed to do? If I know one thing for sure and two things for certain it’s that now’s most definitely not the right time to stop marketing.

Here are 3 business savvy reasons why you shouldn’t stop marketing in a crisis:

  1. If you decrease your marketing budget, your profit margins will be brief. When this disaster is behind us all, the results of the downturn will be compounded by condensed brand awareness and declining consumer relationships. (to name a few)
  2. If you construct and preserve your business through hard times, you can position your business as a trusted, dependable and uplifting presence in your community and industry.
  3. As other companies cut back on their marketing, you can stand out and expand your competitive advantage by investing cleverly in the right mix of marketing strategies.

As an alternative, draw from the brilliant digital marketing ideas below and shape up a portfolio of your own online marketing tactics.

Pay Attention to Current Customers

If you’re having a tough time obtaining new buyers, this is all the more reason to double down on what you should be doing anyway: focus on developing your relationships with your current customers.

Here are a few proven examples of what you can do right now:

  • Create positive user/customer experience at every touchpoint of your buyer’s journey.
  • Ask your patrons for pointers on what your company could be doing better, and then make sure you act on it.
  • Share useful advice, tips, and resources in your digital content that might benefit your customers right now.
  • Set up (if you don’t already) a loyalty program to reward recurring transactions.

Host Virtual Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences

You still need to reach prospects right? So why not go where they are. At their house.

Use platforms like Zoom, WebEx, Google Hangouts, Skype, and others and go!

Video Marketing Works

There’s never been a better time to get your companies video message in front of your consumer and prospects, than at this time right now. Everyone is consuming content 24/7.

Video marketing possibilities right now are endless…For instance:

  • Use a personal branding video to introduce yourself to new customers and prospects.
  • Give swift product demos, reviews, and testimonials.
  • Send old or new customers or subscribers a personalized welcome and thank you video.

Repurpose Your Presentations

Case in point, you could:

  • Publish them on SlideShare, and Google Slides that reach millions of people.
  • Save your sales slides as PNG images, and share those on your social media platforms.
  • Distribute them as digital marketing videos.
  • Reinvent them as infographics.
  • Transform percentages of them into animated GIFs.
  • Turn presentations into digital slideshows, using a tool like Slidely.

Start an Email Marketing

Technically you should already be doing this… But, creating an email newsletter is a great way to reinforce your relationships with your customers and community on a digital platform that you control.

Advertising still works

Traditionally, recessions usually lead to a drop in ad spending from most corporations.

But you are smarter than that and here are 4 sobering reasons why you should be advertising during a pandemic:

  1. Advertising (when done right) will still bring in an immediate income.
  2. As your rivals pull back on their marketing and advertising, there will be less uproar in the market and you’ll have a greater chance of standing out.
  3. The lack of advertising demand may decrease costs and make your ad campaigns more reasonable.
  4. Sustaining mindshare through difficult times can position you as a calming presence.

Go Traditional

Like traditional whiteboards or talking-head videos, animated videos can be great for sharing your ideas remotely.

If you need more convincing, check out these eye-opening examples that will help you maintain your business during an economic downturn.

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