Business As Usual Will Leave You Bankrupt

We all know the economy is dwindling, unemployment is all the way up and the future of business will remain online for the foreseeable future. Oh and let’s not forget, we’ve just started the holiday season, which accounts for about 40% of businesses’ annual revenue.

As of right now, marketing and advertising is crucial for gaining and building trust customers and clients. Let’s assume that most companies will continue to advertise their Black Friday and holiday deals. What happens if your customers don’t respond the same way they did last year? To succeed in today’s competitive and highly promotional digital market, it’s more vital than ever for businesses to optimize their online and digital presence to push incremental revenue.

Developing respected content for your brand can be a perplexing process but it’s necessary. Having a clear digital marketing strategy ensures your products and services draws the correct response. In this blog, we will show you ways to attract customers through creative marketing strategies.

Blogs, videos, knowledge banks, infographics, downloadable PDFs and checklists are all great ways to stand out from the competition this holiday season.

Here are a few of our favorite marketing strategies that will work for you, whether you’re a global brand, a solo entrepreneur or a business owner.

Personalize your product/service recommendations

Given that you might have a lot of excess inventory burning through your profit and loss statement, continue to discount the product you need to move, but also add more personalization to your product recommendation engine. Take the “you may also like” website functionality to the next level by tying it together with email and paid media.

Leverage your brand’s platform to help those in need

It might be difficult to move all of your excess inventory through discounts, free gift cards or sweepstakes promotions. One work around is to “gift” new products to select influencers in return for sponsored blog and social posts. It helped us build new relationships, create content and move through inventory.

Education, Engage and Entertainment

Your marketing needs to fit into one of these three categories. It is way more effective when it is. Forget selling. Think about being supportive and sharing more about the benefits of your business and being human. An easy way to build an effective marketing strategy is to always be thinking from your customers’ and potential customers’ perspective. Answering they’re frequently asked questions (FAQs) is a great way of doing this. Sharing case studies that they might relate to is another. People also buy from people. So don’t be afraid to show off the people behind the business and get them involved in creating content.

While the business landscape is especially uncertain right now, by following these tips to increase your brand’s revenue, I’m confident that you can optimize your online presence and enhance the consumer experience during this unprecedented time.


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