Confidential Online Marketing Strategies That Rock

It happens in the blink of an eye… Before you know it you have fallen into the trap of the online marketing comfort zone, but this can be a route into self-satisfaction, under-performance and eventually decline.

When marketing campaigns constantly perform year after year and energy are positive, you may be misled into thinking that everything is working to near-peak altitudes with no need to stretch the limitations or challenge this “everything is going great” feeling.

In this blog, I share the most beneficial online marketing approaches to develop your own online marketing strategic plans and increase your toughness to changing external competition.

Action-taking is critical as these fuels a culture of probes, testing, and refinement required being a business leader and preserving closer to peak digital marketing performance for a longer duration.

The real cash cow in 2020 is conversational commerce… There are way more opportunities here than simply using chatbots by themselves.

Nevertheless, for the purposes of this blog, chatbots are the recommended technology-based action to explore for expanding and establishing your strategic marketing plans for 2020.

When Facebook brought WhatsApp back in 2014, it was strategic thinking based on the fact that folks spend more time in messaging apps than they do on social media. Chatbots can incorporate your business within external platforms (such as Google) allowing you to touch your audience on the messaging apps they desire.

As chatbot integration can consist of your website, social media networks, and external messaging apps you can fill the holes within your business coverage and offer an ‘always available’ face to your business.

When twisted towards conversational commerce you are able to deliver controlled and dependable expertise, shorten the distance from responsiveness to purchase and enable offline access to data that consumers demand online and instantaneously.

What Are the Online Marketing Benefits of Chatbots?

The benefits will differ massively based on your goals, application and successful execution of them for marketing but frequently expected gains would include:

  • Better Customer Service​s & Support.
  • Serving existing and potential customers understand the product/service which is best suited to their tailored needs and budget.
  • The aptitude to quickly provide answers to questions while filtering more difficult inquiries for your Customer Service/Support Team.

​Financial Savings versus Traditional Staffing

Implementing a chatbot is significantly cheaper than hiring employees to do tasks that can be automated and controlled by a bot/computer.

This form of eliminating and decreasing manual and repetitive activity from businesses can support increased productivities, time and cost savings for investment elsewhere. Chatbots also work well on smaller budgets.

Active Customer Engagement and Amplified Nurturing Through the Buying and Servicing Marketing Funnels

The capability to start a conversation with your consumers based on known behavior and activity triggers is a game-changer. One real-world example might be communication as part of any ordering and delivery method.

Producing Valuable Insights & Attaining a More Thorough Understanding of Your Consumers

Information is marketing gasoline and a performance enhancer. By using the added knowledge obtained from chatbot use, you can improve and maximize your digital marketing tactics. Case in point of this in action, the new forms of user engagement and figures can be recombined with other existing information sources to:

  • Improve products/services.
  • Fill data gaps on the site.
  • Fix recently discovered obstacles to conversion.
  • ​24/7 Customer Support​

As we talked about earlier, chatbots are ‘always on’ and can handle simultaneous user interactions at the same time.

This means that there is a reduced loss of prospective business from folks so there‘s no waiting in phone queues for more info, or dropping out of the purchase funnel before getting the brand successfully in front of them.

Four other strategic marketing “must-haves” which will help increase, expand and strengthen your online marketing approaches for 2020 and beyond are:

  1. Proximity Marketing & Beacons
  2. Integrating User-Led Design
  3. Increasing the Practical Value from Your Data
  4. Voice Search Optimization (VSO)

Now that you know what 2020 holds for marketing your business it’s time to take action!


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