Easily Convert More Sales with These Professional Tips


YouTube views and a bunch of Instagram followers is cool and all… But in reality, if you can’t convert them into buyers, your business can’t make a real profit. Selling necessitates several practices and skills that often go undervalued. But Iconic Genius has you covered.

Read our genius tips below.

Get the Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins

Landing pages can be extremely powerful selling utensils. They send leads to a tailor made web page that’s designed specifically to convert them into buyers. In fact, throw an amazing offer on your landing page and watch your sales skyrocket.

Develop Your Click-Through Rate (CTR) for Lead Generation

If you want to generate more leads from your website and ad campaigns, you need to enhance your click-through rate. And one of the best ways increase CTRs is with a nice discount or limited offer.

Use Gmail as a new CRM

CRM platforms can be instrumental for accumulative sales. But brand new companies may not have the assets to invest in a quality CRM tool. Fortunately, Gmail offers features you can use to make do starting out.

Generate Great B2B Proposals

Proposals and pitches are often part of the sales process for B2B businesses. So you need to make yours stand out.

Increase Conversions with Heat Map Software

Heat maps are online marketing tools designed to show you how individuals interact with your website or landing page. When used correctly, they can help you make adjustments that increase conversions. 

Push Conversions with Direct Response Sales Copywriting

Copywriting is often looked at as an active corporate tool for inbound marketing. But it can also drive sales when used in the right strategies such as FOMO and BOGO.

If you’d like to submit your favorite marketing strategy to be considered for a future community assembly, please send your marketing tips to: iconicgeniusagency@gmail.com.

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