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Facebook Ad Mistakes That Are Killing Your Business

#1: You’re Bidding Against Yourself

As soon as you target the same audience twice with multiple campaigns or ad sets (in the exact same time period), you’ve placed yourself in direct competition with yourself for prime real estate. You’re trying to place two different ads in the same place at the same time and show them to the same people.

#2: Your Bid Cap Is Too Low

Bid caps can really mess up your Facebook ads if you’re not careful. These are designed for specific circumstances and you really need to know the value of your conversion event before you mess with these.

#3: Your Budget Is Poorly Distributed

Regardless of performance, Facebook will continue to split the budget for all of these ad sets equally.

#4: There Aren’t Enough Conversions to Optimize Delivery

 When it comes to campaigns that have conversion events (purchases, link clicks, lead generation, etc.), you actually need a minimum of 50 conversions a week for Facebook to be able to optimize delivery and consistently deliver your ads. Read that again


#5: People See Your Ads Too Often

Ad fatigue is a real concern with social media ads, and when it comes to Facebook ads, you’re going to want to avoid it.


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