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How To Create an Instagram-Worthy Business

Add a feature wall or backdrop. Check out popular businesses in your area and look at their tagged posts to see the kinds of things customers are focusing on, or search Pinterest for great ideas that don’t cost a lot of money.

Use aesthetically pleasing packaging. If you’re a cafe or restaurant, make sure your napkins, cups, and to-go containers are branded with your business’ logo or another appealing, instantly-recognized symbol.

Spruce up the exterior of your business.
The outside of your business gives customers their first impression, so make sure it’s photo-worthy. The Hootsuite office in Vancouver became a work of art when artist Scott Sueme painted it for the Vancouver Mural Festival.Mr.Holmes’ Bakehouse also does this well. Their to-go bags are labeled “Health Food” in the business’ iconic pink font, and their pastry boxes donning the same “I got baked in San Francisco” message as their famous sign.

Whether adding a new coat of paint, new plants and flowers, or a full-on mural transformation, delight your customers from first sight.

- Info for this article comes from Hootsuite.com 

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