How To Find Marketing Success During The Coronavirus Outbreak

As the stock market continues to tumble downhill, I have to be honest. I would have never thought a virus would be able to wreak havoc on the business world.

These are perplexing times for America, but the calamity should only be temporary. With folks spending so much time online, this is an outstanding opportunity to focus on building brand equity by engaging with customers and providing them with great content.

Taking all of this into account, how should businesses operate during this delicate period?


How should companies handle these difficult times? What can you do to support customers and set themselves up to recoup loss sales once the disaster has passed?

Here are 7 things that you can do today to maintain sales.

Above all – Display Support

Even though international brands may be terrified of saying the wrong thing and initiating the offense, showing support and compassion during this calamity is far better than staying quiet.

Online Activities Are Up

Across all social media platforms, content associated with health and fitness, kid games and crafts, and working from home is in high demand, whereas gaming, live streaming, and online learning apps have seen an enormous increase in users. 

Overlook Sales and Emphasis Brand Equity

There is no need to totally stop marketing, but it is also vital to avoid any hardcore selling and even soft selling throughout this period.

Pay Attention to Online Shopping

It’s been recommended that if the outbreak gets worse that it will shift more customers to buy online. The motive is because more individuals will be hesitant to leave their homes to go outside.

In-Demand Businesses

As stated above, during this time, the request for certain businesses has amplified such as online training, telecommuting, and well-being & fitness. Businesses in these industries should contemplate contributing services or building out features and products to aid those in need.

Online Marketing

Companies that were beforehand aggressively publishing media content online but are selling non-essential products, such as makeups and clothes, should continue publishing digital content during this time – just remember to dodge anything promotional including sales promos and offering discounts which may be perceived as insensitive.

For example; for a local fitness client we observed that during this time period, customers have become more fascinated in fitness equipment such as bands and weights as opposed to their core product which is clothing because their customers would rather work out at home, so to help them we started making short fitness tutorial videos and doing live streaming.

Offline Brands

Brands that depend heavily on offline services should try to bring their services online such as the example stated above with Fitness Company.

Some offline stores are making fast moves to launch e-commerce stores.

In closing...

Your company should focus seriously on entertainment, education, and empathy - knowing that your business will see the benefits after this crisis has passed and things get back to normal. 

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