How to Optimize Your Business for Voice Technology

You: “Alexa, read my emails.”

Alexa: “:smiley: Happy :camel: day! Treat yourself with free shipping! :moneybag:”

You: “Alexa, delete.”

Due to consumers continuing to prefer all things video while turning away from leisurely reading, this technology will inevitably grow. Get ahead of the crowd (and your competitors) by making sure your emails are delivering the promotional content you want your subscribers to get in the way they want to get it.

Below are 4 digital marketing expert strategies that will help you prepare for Siri and Alexa.

The power is in the Preheaders

Apply the authority of the preheader. Both Alexa and Siri will read your preheader to help offer context to the email before reading the entire email.

How does your subject line sound out loud?

When it comes to subject lines, consider not only what they look like to the human eye, but also how they will sound to the human ear.

Pictures are not enough anymore

You can no longer trust images to tell your story.

No no-reply no worries

Get rid of the no-reply email address.

Always be testing your emails

Continue to test your emails before sending them.



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