Important Marketing Analytics Needed to Thrive Asap

Getting awareness for your brand today includes much more than paid advertising. Social media, blogging, influencer marketing, and more are all smart digital marketing options that you should be using. Yet online ad spends keeps rising as advertising records prove.

At one time, you may have speculated what is the economical way to promote or advertise, or even whether it’s conceivable to find free advertising. But smart inquiries go beyond cost alone, so we have accumulated a range of figures for you to be effective in your online marketing. The authoritative advertising stats and particulars below will guide your tactics to help get a respectable return on investment.

Companies have been executing marketing for ages to express the value prepositions of their offerings.

As the opposition is growing, industries are endlessly growing their ad budgets to stay on top of their game. This along with the advancement of technology has headed to an exponential growth in the ad market.

Are you speculating on how advertising helps your industry? The answer is in numerous ways.

Proven, time-tested ads can help grow your company:

  • Form brand awareness
  • Generate demand
  • Increase sales
  • Cultivate the customer base

Needless to say, marketing and advertising is continuously evolving. As a result, keeping tabs on the vital marketing stats, such as social media ads, Google ads, SEO, and offline marketing will help you embrace an effective marketing plan for your business.

Social Media Advertising Analytics

There are about 3.96 billion social media users all over the world. So it comes as no wonder that more and more companies are growing their budget for social media advertising.

When it comes to social media advertising, there is no question… Facebook rules. However, you should contemplate where your audience hangs out before pledging to any social media channel to run ads.

If your audience is most energetic on Facebook, focus on Facebook ads. If not, then choose the digital platform where your audience is most active. There is no point in concentrating on Facebook just because everybody is using Facebook ads.

Now, here comes the key question. How much should you spend on social media advertising?

CMO Survey reports that corporations spend 13% of their marketing budgets on social media ads.

Mobile Advertising Analytics

Brands are tweaking their advertising schemes to target the growing number of users with mobile phones. This has led to a sharp rise in mobile advertising budgets.

When you’re forecasting a budget for a mobile marketing plan, keep social media in your brain. Why?

The following numbers prove that more and more individuals are accessing social media channels through their mobile phones:

People having internet-enabled mobile phones spend 50% of their time on social media (App Annie)

54.2% of US social network operators will be mobile-only by the end of this year (eMarketer)

So it becomes vital that you should enhance your ads for mobile phones. Some brands can dispute over mobile ads vs web ads, but most agree that in-app ads are a good way to inspire the audience to make a purchase. And the statistics support this.

Other Important Analytics to Keep Track Of

  • Video advertising
  • Google ads
  • Display Advertising

Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

Now that you have a stronger picture of the power of tracking your marketing, it’s time to take action. Use these marketing stats to create a strategy for how to advertise your brand. If you need motivation, see these small business advertising ideas.

Equipped with this data, you are ready to organize your next successful advertising campaign. Go for it!

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