Increase Traffic to Your Website with These 11 Styles of Blog Posts

1. Informative guides

Stick to the basics. Informative posts or “how to” guides are some of the most popular types of posts on the Internet.

2. Video blogs

If writing comes naturally to you, it will help you tremendously when it comes to blogging.

3. Guest posts

Guest blogging has tons of benefits. If websites give you the opportunity to blog for them, don’t turn them down.

4. Long blogs

If you’re writing short posts just to save time and put out as much content as possible, it’s probably not working to your advantage.

5. Lists

Lists are another common type of blog post.

6. Product reviews

Reviewing products and services is another great way to drive traffic to your blog.

7. Infographics

As I’ve said before, you need to incorporate visual content into your blog posts.

8. Stories

Learning how to tell a story is an art. Once you master this skill, the quality of your blog posts will improve.

9. Controversial posts

Controversy can spark some interest. This interest will lead to website traffic.

10. Breaking news

Use your blog to discuss breaking news topics.

11. Data-driven guides

Whenever you’re writing an informative guide, back it up with statistics.

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