Is Digital Signage The Future for Brick & Mortar Businesses?

One of the most recent retail innovations launched in recent years has been IOT digital signage.

Leading retailers are beginning to adopt IoT digital technologies to improve their products, services, and most notably, the customer experience they offer their customers. We have partnered to deliver integrated technology-driven marketing solutions to an assortment of clients ranging from retail to hospitality, and more.

Digital Signage in Brick & Mortar Businesses

The store of the future will use integrated marketing and digital technologies and data, similar to those used online, to tailor the in-store customer experience to a targeted customer.

Let’s take a closer look at how digital signage is changing the future.

Touchless technologies

We are helping brands designing their stores around touchless tables and digital displays so that customers get to interact with our client’s products and obtain the data required without physically touching any surfaces.

It’s called gesture recognition or motion sensor technologies. Which are becoming more common and we've experienced increased interest from clients wanting to install these digital innovations in their “stores of the future”.

Through these types of innovations, we have been able to gather vital data for retailers on what products and material customers most interact with and, in this way, modify marketing and promotional content on an on-going basis.

We've seen an amplified interest from brands wanting to employ this digital signage technology and we have recently worked to employ these same screens and interactive fundamentals in stores.

Integrated digital touchpoints

In the larger retail environment, a convergence of digital touchpoints such as point-of-sale screens, touch screen kiosks, meeting area screens, in-store music and large-impact video walls escort the customer on their voyage through the store.

We have worked with brands to create dedicated end-caps and interactive touch screen kiosks that display promotions and allow consumers to interact with a particular device; and these have proven very popular with customers. The touchscreen kiosk becomes you’re in-store sales assistant and provides customers with an interactive product experience.

Our Clients are always mesmerized with the impact effective digital signage has on their sales numbers and once this result is seen, brands are keen to continue rolling out their digital media displays within their stores to not only benefit their brands but also the experience offered to their consumers.

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