Mobile SEO Tactics that the Top Companies are Using

Have you heard the news? Over 40% of transactions happen on a mobile device? If you want mobile customers to engage with your brand and become loyal customers, you need to invest in mobile search engine optimization (also known as mobile SEO).

Mobile SEO is the procedure of optimizing your website to rank better in mobile search results and keep the leads on your website.

With the mobile gaining such prominence, mobile SEO strategies are now as vital a factor in mobile marketing as designing a nice mobile website. So, we have here some amazing tips to gear up your mobile SEO:

Be a search whiz:

In mobile searches, people use shorter tail phrases and depend on the Google Autocomplete feature to complete their query. Often, these searches tend to be local. So you need to optimize shorter tail phrases when optimizing meta titles, descriptions and keywords:

Social is a top priority:

Most mobile consumers are connected to the social networks 24/7 through their phones. Embed your mobile website with social media links and guarantee that your content can be easily shared across social networks through amplified exposure, traffic and engagement. Studies have shown that about 85% of individuals use mobile phones to pass time, to learn something or for entertainment. So, the digital content on your mobile website should be entertaining and informative.

Be a search expert:

In mobile searches, individuals use shorter tail phrases and rely on the Google Autocomplete feature to complete their inquiry. Frequently, these searches have a tendency to be local. So you need to optimize shorter tail phrases when enhancing meta titles, descriptions and keywords.

Mobile screen resolution sizing:

Mobile phones either have small buttons or they are a touch screen. In both the cases, tapping a navigation button is tough (mainly when you are on the move). Streamline navigation so that customers can focus on the most significant/popular pages of your website. Vertical navigational menus work the best for mobile screens, which are easier for folks to use when they want to click on links.

Begin optimizing for mobile SEO asap

Mobile SEO is an important part of growing your brand online. If you want to help your company grow through SEO, you must account for customers that search for your business through mobile devices. A healthy mobile SEO plan will help you reach prospects interested in your brand.

If you aren’t certain how to get started with mobile SEO, our team of over experts can support you. With over a decade of knowledge, you can count on us to help you cultivate a mobile SEO strategy that drives more customers to your business.

Want to hear how to optimize for mobile SEO? Contact us online to speak with a genius strategist about our SEO plans.

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