Simple Tactics to Grow B2B Sales No Matter What

Whether you’re a small business or a massive corporation, you can use these online marketing strategies to increase your sales and give your pipeline a kick in the course.

We’ve assembled some of my top approaches which will help you increase B2B sales and smash your goals. Not only have these digital marketing tips helped grow our clients, but these are tried-and-true methods we use for ourselves as well.

business strategy for small businesses

Let’s dive in!

Using Social Selling

Still not sold on the influence of social media? You’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

of social media users research products on different online platforms.

71% of social media users will make a purchase based on social media recommendations.

77% will choose a brand over a competitor after a helpful social media experience.

What is social selling all about? It’s the procedure of finding and engaging with your possible customers online. 

Every time you log into social media and reply to a DM or share a blog on LinkedIn, you’re providing worth and social selling. It’s a much softer tactic than cold emailing and emphases more on building long-term, trustworthy relationships than out-of-date sales techniques.

Support Your Sales Squad

If there is one thing that can collapse a potential sale, it’s bad sales rep exchanges.

Whether it’s somebody dropping the ball and overlooking an email for weeks, or a dumpster fire cold email, it can rapidly tank your brand’s rep income objectives.

How do you avoid a sales calamity?

By continually training your crew.

Cash in on the all the Holidays

The holidays are a gold mine for growing your B2B sales. With the right online marketing strategy in place, you can scoop up some of the throwaway income people have during these times.

Here are some thoughts to get the ball rolling:

  • Use expiring specials: This works fine for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Each day, remove one special to create a sense of urgency and crazy FOMO (fear of missing out).
  • Raise the price: Start with your bottom price for an offer, and gradually increase it each day.
  • Make an exclusive offer: Put together a new product, deal, or package for the holiday season. You can add a sense of urgency by telling your customers it’s only available for the holidays.
  • Offer free shipping or a markdown: Cash in on the psychology of free stuff to pull in more sales. Getting something for nothing is a powerful passionate trigger known as the “zero price effect” and it’s very hard to resist.

Use Paid Ads to Grow Leads

Not using paid online ads yet?

With more people online than ever before and 80% of the global inhabitants owning a smartphone, it’s time to dip your feet into this gold mine.

By enhancing your keywords your audience uses to find solutions to the problem you answer, you can increase B2B sales while you sleep.

Remember, the more active you are with your digital marketing strategies, the greater your competitive edge. Keep experimenting with your sales tactics and stick with the ones which give you the outcomes you want.

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