Smart Ways to Make Money Online During a Recession

20 million jobs lost and counting…

Are we experiencing another recession, maybe even worse a depression?

However, dying of worry and inadequacy as we face this downturn isn’t the best method.

It’s also useless to try and forecast when this will turn around, or even hit rock bottom. Instead, I’m going to share actionable strategies that you can keep you alive and even turning a profit in this wild economy.

Leverage the app economy

If you're looking to address some immediate financial needs.

The obvious ones are Uber, but what about:

  • Task Rabbit – For a handyman or woman
  • Ebates- Automatic cashback on whatever you buy
  • Swagbucks –Numerous ways to get paid, watching tv, taking surveys
  • Inbox Dollars – Same as above
  • com – test apps and websites

**Also Google the best paid online surveys

Hustle existing websites

Great for side hustles as well a freelance fulltime work. But you have to hustle these websites every day until you are making what you want. These are the online streets.

  • Craigslist – Sell stuff, rent out space, offer services, etc. BIG GEM – Even find work
  • Fivver
  • Etsy
  • Upwork
  • Café press – create digital designs and sell them

Create your Empire

This takes strategy but it is the best long term investment. Create your own brand and streams of income from it. This is the new first step to financial independence. If you want help getting started to email us here and put “Create My Own Empire” in the subject line.   

Shopify – You can sell whatever you want on this platform. Everything is set up for digital.

The best ways to create your own brand on are;

  • Drop-shipping (with amazon and others like AliExpress, MegaGoods)
  • Amazon (FBA) Fulfilled by Amazon – which takes money
  • Publish a book, course, product on Amazon and sell on your own website
  • Google Adsense – Let Google put ads on your website

Get in the Affiliate Game

There are loads of resources for making money online as an affiliate.

You could source products from;

  • ClickBank,
  • Commission Junction,
  • Rakuten

Plus, large companies like Nike, TJ Maxx, and Dell have affiliate programs as well.  

Remote Jobs

Google virtual and then these keywords; assistant jobs, medical transcriptionist, translator, call-center representative, data entry and you will get a list of jobs. Keep at it every day until you get one. Set a Google alert for the jobs you want. is another good website.

Online Market Training

Until your money is working for you… You will always be working. Stocks aren’t for everyone but it is a way to make more money. Definitely something you should want to learn it. The research is out there. Make sure you have money to play with. It’s a good time to invest.

You have an option such as:

  • Forex
  • Day trading
  • Option trading
  • Stocks

Follow people like Jim Crammer, Wall Street Trapper, CNBC, Ian Dunlap

While Others Worry, We Prepare

It is what it is: let’s minimize our worry and insufficiency and focus on making power moves today that will help us navigate this chaos while being able to be a leader for others.

March 2021 Update: Thanks to Allan Borch and the team over at Dotcom Dollar they made an audio of it.


Recorded by Dotcom Dollar

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