Social Commerce: The Art Of Selling On Social Media


Let me be the first to tell you that social commerce will rule the social media world in 2020!

Social commerce is the hottest trend in social media marketing, and it looks to have an even bigger impact in the coming decade.

Stay on the cutting edge of social media strategies by understanding what social commerce is, what it looks like, and how your business can make the most of this buzzworthy new online marketing tactic to further your business and grow your brand.

What exactly is social commerce?

In a nutshell, social commerce is the art of selling products directly within the social media platforms.

This isn’t social media marketing, where the goal might be to drive traffic from FB or IG to your website or online store. With social commerce the difference is, the store — the complete shopping experience — occurs without the buyer ever leaving the social media site.

This is how you make social commerce work for you?

As I am sure your brain is already turning. The benefits are endless. The entire process is more streamlined than ever before, particularly when you can relish in digital tools like chatbot checkouts, and autofill payments and real-time delivery details. There are fewer clicks and steps for your customers with social commerce than ever before. Yes, even with traditional e-commerce through your web store.

The proficiency of the social commerce purchase experience far outdoes the usual e-commerce purchase.

What does social commerce look like on social media platforms?

As of right now, the big dogs in social commerce are (you guessed it) Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

According to Facebook, 70% of customers find products on Instagram. Maybe because of this, Instagram’s roadmap has been taking on a particularly heavy-duty shopping feel.

The greatest progress is Instagram Checkout, which is a fully controlled shopping experience within the Instagram app. It’s presently only available to select major brands but by the time you see this it might be open to all companies. With Instagram Checkout, a customer can see a product that they like on Instagram and then complete the entire purchase without ever leaving the app.

Amazing… The future is now!

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