Social Media Influencer Marketing Secrets To Keep You From Getting Scammed

A ton of companies want to use social media influencer marketing to increase brand attention and drive traffic and sales, but few have the “know-how” or the budget to make it happen.


When working with this type of disadvantage, you need to recognize what your business can exclusively offer to influencers as an alternative of always paying for their support. The objective here isn’t to take advantage of these social media influencers, as I’m a big advocate of reasonably paying them for the value they’re able to deliver.

As for this particular topic, my recommendation is to find a blend of approaches for incentivizing influencers so that these types of partnerships don’t always have to require a budget, or are at the very lease less costly.

In the beginning, think analytically about what your company distinctively offers that would immediately bring value to an influencer enough to want to collaborate with you.

What you’ll offer to influencers will be contingent on the products and services you provide, who your consumer base is, the company’s size, the trade you’re a part of, how long the influencer has been active, how engaged their audience is, and more.

Generally, these non-monetary benefits to offer influencers fall under three categories: Publicity, Access, and Relationship.

Publicity – A key incentive for many influencers is to continue to develop an audience interested in the content they create about their desires and proficiency. If you can provide them with exposure to more of the right individuals, then it’s a benefit worth offering.

Access – The skill to access products, individuals, events, and experiences that aren’t usually available is another genius benefit that can be offered to an influencer. Like most folks, influencers like getting free stuff, particularly pertinent items and experiences that help them continue to produce interesting digital content for their audience.

Relationship – One partnership often leads to an additional one for an influencer, which is why being conscious of this, and assisting them land their next venture, can be advantageous. Whether your brand is known locally, within an industry, build opportunities for influencers to benefit based on your status or brand equity.

This isn’t a comprehensive list as there are numerous ways to drive traffic and sales (or whatever type of results you want) with influencers without spending an arm and a leg. Apply this information by finding creative ways of working with influencers on a consistent basis which delivers value, but doesn’t always require a budget.

Maybe that’s offering a free product to a YouTube star or inviting a group of local influencers to be representatives for your brand. Identify that earning results from influencers is a sustainable opportunity for a wider range of companies than it may appear at first glimpse.

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