The 4 Step Guide To Selling On Social Media in 2020 [Social Commerce 101]

If you have a business page on social media than you are most definitely looking to increase your sales.

For you, the keyword in 2020 is social commerce.

That is the new buzz word in digital marketing. What is it and what does it mean to you? In our last blog, we explain what social commerce is in more detail. Click the link to check that out first. 

And where that blog left off this one picks up. This time with more actionable steps that you can start using now to see profits. 

  1. Pay attention to the best and lowest-cost products you have.

It makes perfect sense that your lowest-cost products might sell really well on social media platforms. You’re catching individuals at a definite place in their buyer journey where they’re excited to buy, not eager to evaluate the pros and cons of the purchase.

  1. Get the right digital marketing tools.

There is a numerous amount of wonderful options out there, but we want to showcase just a few to give you an idea of what’s possible. Foremost, there’s an AI messaging tool called ManyChat, which lets you to connect Facebook Messenger and SMS campaigns. ManyChat, and other chatbot tools like this, are awesome for gathering leads and converting them into customers.

  1. Partner with influencers and inspire your fans to share your products.

These two crowds — influencers and community — can be very dominant for your commerce and marketing efforts. In large part, thanks to the way that social networks like Instagram and Facebook are set up. Many of their new business features allow individuals to share your products on your behalf and still tie into a frictionless purchasing experience.

  1. Quantify your social media marketing strategy.

The main goal of selling on social media is to lead buyers to checkout. And you can do this in many ways, through great digital content, two-way communication, and lead generation strategies. Ultimately, however, the greatest measurement of a successful social commerce strategy is in dollars and cents.

How many sales did you make?


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