THIS Facebook Ad Makes Online Stores a TON of Money


No matter how good your website is you are still going to catch a case of the abandoned carts...This means that for every 10 people who add your product to their cart, nearly 7 of them will leave your store without buying a damn thing. 

How do you get these people back to your store so they can complete their purchase?

If you said by email then you are sorta correct.

Unfortunately, fewer than 10% of people who stop by your store will give you their email address. That means you can contact 1 of the 7 people who abandoned their cart (if you get lucky), which still leaves 6 smoking hot leads that you have no way of contacting... or do you??

The good news is, with retargeting you can run a highly personalized Facebook or Instagram ad targeting these customers. These ads typically offer some type of incentives, such as free shipping or 15% off, if the person returns to complete their purchase.

I have found that using a fun, entertaining and educational video for this type of ad delivers even more impressive results. I am currently running an abandoned cart ad for a client, which features a 30-second video the owner telling the viewer that a portion of every sale goes to those less fortunate. This campaign has a 20x ROI. 

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