This Will Make Entrepreneurs Rethink Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great opportunity to build your business, surge engagement in realistic ways, show what your business is really about and you could totally screw things up.

Case in point: Brands like Heinz, Adidas, and T-Mobile to name a few, have all failed horribly. The public was not pleased, and many stopped following these brands online.

Though businesses can recover from such a blunder, doing so will take away time and money that should be used to grow your company. So, before you pull a Heinz-sized goof, here are a few things ALL entrepreneurs and business owners should never put on social media.

  1. Government and religion

At one time talking about politics or religion was something you just didn't do in the open. For entrepreneurs, that's still a great rule of thumb. If you're looking for a fast way to isolate some of your customers, nothing does it like a political standpoint or politically incorrect statement. Just think Roseanne Barr or Kathy Griffin.

If you choose to keep your customers loyal and happy to use your services or products, then stay attentive to their immediate worries. What do your consumers want? What do they dream about? What are they afraid of? By focusing your social media marketing on your customer and not your own political beliefs, your business will keep growing, which is toward more profits and fewer spectacles.

  1. All me, all the time

Knowing you've got a big sale coming up this weekend is significant. Nonetheless, no one wants to hear about it 24/7. Just as you get exhausted of seeing images of your friend's dinner on IG, folks get tired of hearing of your about your business. Switch it up.

With social media marketing, you have to do more and speak about more than your business -- you need to be a companion in educating your customers. Talk about other innovators in your industry. Show folks, you realize there are other smart people out there beside you. Offer information that is instantaneously useful to your customers, and/or enjoyable.

Here's the top secret of content marketing: when you do it correctly, you can pitch as much as you want. Providing you keep the pitches lax and slip them in at the end of a rock-solid piece of marketing content, your followers won't mind and they'll, in reality, be more likely to convert to buyers.

  1. Adverse material about clients, customers or the world around you

Folks don't come to your social media page to be retold of all the evil things happening around the world. Your customers and prospects are looking for something uplifting, something to help them overlook the bad news that keeps telling them the world is ending.

As soon as you start speaking about negative stuff, people forget about what you are selling. What’s worse is, people will start to associate you with unhelpfulness and unfollow you. If this happens, you can best believe your social media presence will be dead.

If you can't see an optimistic outlook to posts, stay far away. And that consist of airing dirty laundry about customers, clients or your competition. Keep that crap in the boardroom and off of social media. That type of marketing content is a huge turnoff for social media users, and anything that turns your customers off will give them an excuse to turn your business off.

  1. Extreme updates

Every platform has its own post frequency acceptances. For example, on Twitter, you can get away with numerous posts every day as long as they're spread out throughout the day. Other social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, have users who tolerate between one to three post a day.

  1. Non-social marketing content

Social media was made to be social. It's not the place for you to spam press releases or uninteresting content, speeches or any kind of one-way conversations.

If a customer follows you on social media, it's okay to assume they know about your business and have already bought into the services or products you offer. So don't look at social media like a cold call or an infomercial. Treat it as a place to let customers behind the curtain to understand your corporation's nature.

Bonus: Beware of fake news

In an era of fake news, you can't afford to post things that can't be confirmed. Everyone is on the watch for anything fake, and you should definitely be too. These means don’t post something until you have confirmed whatever data it contains. This consist of the image you use too.

Follow these social media marketing tips, and you can build a sick customer base and cut out the spectacle that leaves so many users unhappy and angry. Use social media as a digital marketing tool for your business -- don't let these social platforms use you. Stay focused on your encouraging message and use it to build your business kingdom.


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