Two Simple Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process Fast

When it comes to hiring well, it is a talent as much as it is a science. Regrettably, many establishments aren't solving their hiring problem, and are settling by using obsolete processes.

To entice the best and brightest, you need to make sure your hiring approach and staff are up to the task and are informed for what the future of recruitment looks like.

So if your business really wants to prosper, your hiring has to step up, and asap. Here are a few important methods to supercharge your hiring process.

Don’t Stop At LinkedIn.

Yes, LinkedIn is a great tool. But used in by itself, it is a partial plan, and over-reliance on any one means is a restrictive strategy. Great hiring requires a differentiated method. Make sure you are using different tools because not all of the best talent isn't listed on LinkedIn.

Twitter is great hidden gem where you can follow certain trades like technology and sub-categories to find diverse ways to connect to applicants. Leverage Slack and discover the numerous communities to casually source and to start up conversations with passive applicants.

Using all the proper tools, you can have better outcomes and find quality talent that's off the beaten path.

Create An Employee Vision Proposition.

New prospects logically want to know what it's like to work at your brand. They'll look at the business website, read Glassdoor and other online reviews that express the culture so the employee value proposition (EVP) needs to be very clear. Talent needs to know what the brand stands for, what the business is dedicated to, and they want to attach to the mission beyond the boilerplate linguistic.

Folks are interested in variety and inclusion, in what office culture feels like, how individuals treat one another, to know they'll be involved and set up for victory. Generally, they want to know the totality of the employee experience before being hired. That's why the EVP must be unmistakably understood in words but also in actions. Brands have one time to make a great impression.


As much as you are interviewing the candidate, they are cross-examining you and evaluating the acceptableness of your culture. At the end of the day, as they say, you're not just hiring employees, but are sowing the seeds of your brand’s character.

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