Unique Online Marketing Ideas that Engage Your Customers

Thinking up unique online marketing ideas can seem like a fight, especially when it feels like you’ve already covered just about every topic under the sun.

Is there such a thing as a “unique” marketing idea anymore?

How do you come up with ideas your audience actually cares about?

If you’re exhausted from wracking your brain about what to do… don’t worry.

There are actually tons of ways to come up with unique online marketing ideas without relying on your own creativity.

Writer’s block is pretty much a universal thing, so even the best minds have come up with their own “hacks” for coming up with marketing strategies on a whim.

In this guide, you’ll find a ton of different strategies to come up with online marketing ideas so you don’t have to keep banging your head on your desk.

Use Google Autocomplete For A Quick Win

When coming up with marketing ideas, most business owners run to Google to type in their questions and see what comes up.

But before you finish your hunt, use Google’s autocomplete feature to spawn topics you might not have thought of before.

Answer the Public Works Digital Wonders

Answer the public is free (which is the best part) visual keyword research tool that generates a sprawling list of questions associated with your focus topic.

Each of these questions could be something your customer is searching for and therefore could constitute some interesting marketing ideas.

Start Using People Also Ask for Online Marketing

Another integral Google feature that’s accommodating when coming up with ideas is the People Also Ask section.

When doing a Google search for marketing ideas, the Google search results will occasionally include a People Also Ask section that covers a list of questions and answers that your customers often search for.

You can turn these questions into marketing campaigns or incorporate them as lead magnets. You can also create an FAQ video or live stream.

Marketing Gold is in Facebook Groups

Facebook is home base to tons of Facebook Groups, often entailing of hundreds to thousands of members. (To you they are customers)

You can discover groups for about nearly any topic, from knitting to fitness to car washes to fishing.

Create a Resource Guide as a Blog Post

Think about accumulating a resource post that consists of your favorite industry tools, checklists, videos, etc.

Your customers are likely on the quest for the best resources to help them cultivate their businesses or improve their lives.

These types of strategic marketing blogs can also be great if you have the chance to make a bit of a commission by including affiliate links.

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