What is Lifestyle Marketing and How Can It Help My Business?

Close your eyes and think of one of your favorite brands. Odds are if you thought of a brand you’re attached to; it took lifestyle marketing to get you there. And as business owners, this is the type of loyalty you want to impart in your customers.

Gone are the days when a spectacular ad was all it took to grab the attention of customers and get them flooding to your stores.

Crafty brands realize that in order to get their products seen amidst all the noise in the online advertising space, they need to take a different attitude.

What exactly is lifestyle marketing?

Lifestyle marketing is a marketing system that positions your product or service to possess principles, aspirations, and aesthetics that your target audience identifies with. In layman’s terms, it means that companies marketed in this way are a way of life for their audience. They are immersive, encapsulate their customers’ ideas or standards, and fit effortlessly into the customer’s life.

The right lifestyle marketing approach goes beyond the product or service being sold––it’s selling an ideal. Think of Nike. Sure, they began with and continue to sell athletic shoes. But what makes them a lifestyle brand is their liberation of the athlete inside everyone. Nike and its products are a way of life for its fans (I mean; you don’t see a diehard Nike fan with Adidas on. Ever.). They eat, live, breathe, and sweat the brand’s ideals.

Lifestyle marketing standards 

If only branding were as easy as having a marketing checklist to mark off when you meet certain benchmarks. Regrettably, many companies that set out to be in the lifestyle category miss the mark by not doing their due diligence and investigation. But you can circumvent that but doing the following:

  • Outline your market
  • Know where your customers get their information
  • Position your business for success

Becoming a lifestyle enterprise may be something you do deliberately or unconsciously. But lifestyle marketing is a cognizant choice that you need to make concerning your brand early on. The process can take years of watchful cultivation, genuineness, transparency, and some very calculated marketing choices. After all, “the lifestyle you’re trying to sell needs to be rooted throughout your whole individuality.” Here are a few steps that can help push you in the correct direction.

  • Construct your following 
  • Live your brand story 
  • Deliver something priceless
  • Include your brand everywhere

If you want to build a lifestyle marketing plan around your brand, you should start by outlining the kind of lifestyle you want to sell, then weave that lifestyle into your brand story, engage and interact with your customers, craft outstanding, authentic digital content, and build a community of raving followers around your brand.

For more info on building out an effective lifestyle marketing strategy and bridging the gaps before they widen to the point of no return, contact Iconic Genius today!

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