What to do if Facebook and Instagram Shutdown… Again

After FB and IG shutdown yet again…. There are many lessons to be learned by business owners and marketers. Just like corporations that relied on SEO before Google started making algorithm variations, you can’t build the foundation of your company on a platform you don’t own.

Your digital and social marketing plan should not rely too deeply on one main digital marketing strategy.

So I decided to show companies how to survive without IG and FB.

Build your groundwork on your own platforms.

In this Digital Age that we are now living in, you need two vital resources to build a flourishing business. You need a good website and you definitely need to be building your email list. 

Have an assorted digital and social media marketing plan.

A robust lifestyle marketing plan mixes in many elements and channels. It’s not dependent on any one thing, because as I’ve seen, that can be very dangerous.

Never stop building your customer database. 

The aptitude to reach your audience will determine the success of your company. 

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