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How To Turn Clicks Into Customers

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Are you having a difficult time creating the perfect digital marketing strategy?

Maybe you've tried email, Facebook, and Google, advertising but the only thing you've seen is the charges with no return. Well, you are not alone.

This book was designed to give you proven advertising and promotion tools for the digital era.

As well as time tested online marketing strategies that are guaranteed to bring you in sales! My name is James Marques a former Wall Street CMO. I run the world's most sought after lifestyle marketing agency. We've managed over $2,000,000 in ad spend, acquired 50,000+ customers, and generated millions for our clients.

This is marketing 4.0. Our formula, obsess over getting results and treat client money like it was our own.

So why do I feel like we need more online marketing books? The Internet changes every day…and once it is printed, the book will be around forever. What you find inside are stable principles.

This is online marketing 2020 and beyond! In other words, they work…when you implement them. They are based on the rock-solid digital marketing strategies that we have been using with our clients for over fifteen years.

This book covers everything from Google to Facebook advertising, social media influencer marketing, and more. This isn't one of those regular online marketing books that will leave you broke and disgusted. Plain and simple I show you how to drive sales to your website!

And at this price it's risk-FREE! Learn tactics such as:

-Discovering the mistakes that were made and how we corrected them.

-The process we used and how you might be able to apply it to your business.

-Copy our exact online marketing strategies for your business after you read how we did it.

Results, Not ExcusesInstead of clicks, I guarantee ROI, and over the past 15 years, I have perfected my ability to deliver that.

To make sure that the marketplace isn't oversaturated with these undeniable marketing tactics. I am only selling ten thousand copies... Once they are gone they are gone forever.